About the Muse....  My legacy:

Unique and authentic, reflecting truth.  Being a teacher, instructor and workshop facilitator since 1997, and by design, integrating various methodologies and techniques,   all ensure access to harmony, inner peace and joy.  Together with ethical behaviour, independence and individuality, to guarantee a lifelong learning journey of absolute FUN.  These all highlight the truth of who you truly are, and who you are meant to be.  Living with consciousness is liberating and simply ROCKS!


1. I believe in authenticity, truth and no nonsense approach, “It is what it is”.

2. I also believe we are all connected and are here to learn from one another, and the level and depth of your innermost introspection (EQ) facilitates inspired growth and ensures the balance, inner peace and harmony we each desire(Neutral Mind)

3. It is through knowing and acceptance of who we really are, that we come to realise our full potential.  This awareness brings to the fore the fact that WE HAVE CHOICE – exquisitely exciting!


Epistemology and Somatically (Awareness driven) based learning strategies are tailor made, interactive and driven towards goals of embracing an attitude filled with the positive attributes of behavioural flexibility.  The solutions are naturally dovetailed into the varied thinking and learning lead styles.  The marriage of out the box thinking with body and mind are at the core of my innovation learning solutions.

A full rounded basket skill set includes:

Skills acquired - Left brain logically driven focus:

1. Qualified Executive Coach

2. Credentialed ICF Business and life Coach,

3. Neuro Semantics Business and Life Coach

4. Master Practitoner - NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

5. A CIS business qualification

6. Face Profiling

7. Outcome based training, (MAPPP SETA):

  • Facilitator
  • Moderator
  • Assessor
  • One to one Coach
  • Design Assessment and
  • Evidence Facilitator

Skills acquired - Right brain creativity driven focus:

1. International Belly Dance Performer, Choreographer, Teacher & Instructor, Teacher Trainer – (creator of SA’s first syllabus in the art)

2. Yoga teacher(Kundalini)

3. Reflexology

4. Aromatherapy

5. USUI Reiki Master (Enersense, original Eastern Lineage)

6. Indian Head Massage

7. Aura Readings



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