Leadership, Survival as the Change Master

Lead from the front, AND the flanks, become a Change Master



Current Challenges

Organizational Benefits

This is an interactive training workshop, designed to develop an understanding and plan of action amongst participants of the latest trends in leadership styles in our ever changing world. Participants learn what the characteristics are of the new leadership style, and how to fill the gaps in order to become a leader.

Do your Leadership teams display any of the following symptoms? If so, the Leader Training intervention will provide the solution.


1.   Not knowing the latest trends for managing change?

2.   Accountability andsuccess of the team is a shared responsibility of the team and leader/s?

3.       Using latest trends for ensuring  skills transference?

Improved productivity, leadership and output by building team capabilities in the following key areas:


1.   Establishing  Mentoring relationships

2.   Self-awareness, introspection and focus to engage sustainable accountability and committment

3.   Strategic alignment with Vison and mission, with POA for proactive and positive Change management

Authentic Leadership

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