Emotional Regulation Ethical Intelligence and SQ (EEQ)



“I discovered the ultimate freedom, the ability to choose your attitude irrespective of circumstance”   Viktor Frankl



Current Team Challenges

Organizational Benefits

This is an interactive training workshop, designed to develop an understanding at individual levels, of the closely linked and intertwined roles that emotional regulation, spiritual awareness, and ethical intelligence play in an individuals’, and therefore, team’s ability to communicate and sustain respectful harmony. Participants learn the power of living with the 5 principles of ethical intelligence, introspection, ownership and accountability to self.

Does your team display any of the following symptoms?


1.   Inability to manage emotions in conflict

2.   Avoiding tough conversations

3.   Perpetual shifting of blame

4.   Lack of trust with colleagues

5.   Wasted time in destructive conversations vs focus on positive team contributions



Improved productivity, leadership and output by building team capabilities in the following key areas:


1. Self-awareness, introspection and focus to encourage accountability, ownership and controlling own EEQ

2.  Personal and Team created tools and techniques, for proactive and positive improved communication

Understand + Manage Differences

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