Effective Stress Management

Neutral mind, Balance left and right brain

“If it’s going to be, it’s up to me”



Current Team Challenges

Organizational Benefits

Interactive workshop, focused on the key techniques an individual can use to identify, confront and successfully neutralise response to stress in their lives and immediate environs.

Do any of your team members display the following stress, related symptoms:


1.   Lack of drive, passion and motivation for team goals?

2.   Struggle to stay focused on the team goals?

3.   Is the team not delivering on goals and objective?



Individuals and teams that demonstrate and consistently deliver above average results by displaying the following key characteristics:


1.   Managing in a Stressful environment

2.   Individuals who display a healthy work/life balance

3.   Continual attainment of economic goals and objectives

4.   Individuals who are consciously aware of the learnt tools to access in reigniting own inner drive and purpose in order to feed inspired motivated team performance

Positive and Motivated Teams

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