The Cost of Ego Language to Self(Corporate)

Life is a winding and bumpy path of humility


Current Challenges

Organizational Benefits

This is an interactive learning workshop, designed to develop team and self awareness, with further learning as to the appropriate and positive language that can be used to move away from limits in self, and therefore affect productivity and step towards positive profitability.

Do your teams at all levels of hierarchy display any of the following symptoms? If so, the Cost of Ego intervention will provide the solution.

1.   Not knowing the link and differences between use of language and ego when managing changes?

2.   Spend more time in meetings and managing conflict than creating harmony and making profits happen?

Improved productivity, self leadership and ownership by building awareness in the following key areas:

1.   Use of language key to indulging the neutral mind (a mature EQ)

2.   Self and team -awareness and focus to engage sustainable accountability and commitment to profit and harmony

3.   Alignment with corporate Vision, Mission and Cultural Values in managing change positively

Language for Profits and Harmony

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